Warranty Conditions

EuroFloat as distributed by ECAR Australasia Pty Ltd hereby warrants that any new EuroFloat will carry a two year structural warranty from the date of purchase covering –
  • Chassis
  • Body frame
  • Roof Frame
  • Suspension


The Customer’s Responsibility

Under this warranty shall be to:
  1. Operate and maintain the float in an appropriate manner.
  2. Give notice to an authorized EuroFloat representative of any and all apparent defects within ten (10) days after discovery and makes available for inspection.


General Exclusions

From this warranty shall include any failure caused by –
  • Inadequate service and maintenance - Horse Floats are a road vehicle and require regular mechanical servicing and maintenance by a service centre or qualified mechanic. Proof of service may be required. 
  • Abnormal strain, neglect or abuse including lack of proper maintenance or use.
  • Accident or collision damage
  • Installation of parts or accessories that are not original equipment
  • Fading, rust or deterioration due to exposure or ordinary wear and tear
  • Modifications or alteration that affects the floats condition, operation, purpose or durability
  • Damage due to incorrect transportation
  • Acts of God, i.e. lightening hail damage, flood, fire, etc.